The Story

Since 2010

Colour combos, vibrant prints, details galore, perfect cuts... Oh so Parisian and contemporary, SUNCOO, born in 2010 from the encounter of two connoisseurs, Stella and Thomas, injects a whole lot of freedom into the female wardrobe.

The adventure seemed like an obvious choice. In 2010, Stella, a fashion fanatic since her childhood, founded SUNCOO, a 100% Parisian brand. Inspired by her travels, design and the ultra-chic French lifestyle, the designer and artistic director came up with a modern wardrobe for eternally elegant women. Boho knits, mix & match, colourful prints and feminine details... the SUNCOO collections accompany women in their everyday life, making them even more beautiful.

The Suncoo Woman

Is free, elegant and adventurous, both in life and in her style. Her high standards have become a real lifestyle. The SUNCOO woman's wardrobe is composed of styles that reflect her personality and give her the energy she needs on a daily basis. "The SUNCOO women is defiantly modern and leads several lives. Her wardrobe is the crutch that helps her through the day. She feels strong in a skirt, cool in trousers, protected by our knitwear and combative in a wrap dress," admits Stella. In short, the SUNCOO woman is the perfect ambassador of legendary, effortless-chic style.

About Stella

What are your sources of inspiration?

Without a doubt, women today. As I am creating for them, I am constantly observing them. Clothes are only beautiful if the woman wearing them feels good in them. The life of a piece on the body and the way it moves are as important as the style. So, even if I'm interested in trends, it's really women on the street and their everyday life that inspire me the most.

What is your connection with fashion?

Fashion is omnipresent in my life. It's part of my everyday life because I'm always thinking about the next SUNCOO collections, what I want to do for the next season, what women need. Fashion has also been part of my personal life since my teenage years: it's my way of expressing myself, sending a message about my mindset, about who I am.

What is your vision of femininity?

It is multifaceted. A woman can play a number of roles at different times in the day. She can be a mother, a wife, a business woman, a best friend, a daughter, a woman, strong, fragile... the definition of femininity isn't set in stone, it evolves. It is based on the way a woman feels about herself: it's because you feel feminine that you become it in other people's eyes.

The Future Is Now

New stories, New commitment, New life.

We are mindful that if the planet is to have a future, it needs protecting. In recent seasons, we have undertaken new projects as we strive to make fashion more responsible, and our production more eco-friendly. Since the brand was founded in 2010, we have taken relevant steps, including introducing faux fur in winter 2017 as an alternative to real fur, and making an official commitment to PETA France in 2019 that we would no longer use animal fur. We have also been steadily introducing recycled polyester and organic cotton into our collections and trying to use more natural fabrics such as linen and cotton.

As a fashion industry player, we want to take things even further by telling you about our commitments, what we are doing day to day and more ambitious initiatives that are close to our heart and bring our enthusiastic and mindful colleagues together. We are beginning a new chapter with your help. The future is in our hands and we are the key players of tomorrow: the future is NOW!